Saturday, January 7, 2012


So it's that time of year, what's your resolution?

I'm hot and cold on resolutions, normally I feel like businesses use them as marketing schemes to guilt people into buying things...but this year I feel a change.

I haven't necessarily put the idea of my resolution in concrete, until tonight. I happened to pick up a book my best friend was reading about a diet. I know what you're thinking, but I've already read quite a few pages and its pretty awesome...but furthermore, I read something in it that struck a chord with me in more ways then one.

The author writes about how you will without a doubt loose weight if you are just willing to stick to the plan-he's a doctor and recommends it to most of his patients. He says when they come in the office, he educates them about the program and asks their thoughts. He says there are usually two responses-one being to say "I'll try." The second being very positive and anxious to get started on a healthy lifestyle change. The author continues to write that try is simply not an option, because when you say you'll "try" you have actually already given up on yourself and assume you will not do your best. You cannot try, you MUST committ.

That concept really hit me...because it can be applied to anything in life. In particular, I've thought about my experience in internet marketing. It's not easy, at first...sometimes you don't always see results, but then it's like everything falls into place and you start becoming successful. Internet marketing is like any other business, it doesn't grow overnight, it has to be "harvested" so to speak, and many of us give up when we can not gain the instant gratification we have come to love so much in this society.

The truth is, I get very discouraged sometimes. Then I thought, why? I went from being completely inexperienced online, staying up late some nights combing the internet endlessly for explanations and legit ways to make money online to creating my own blog, running successful ad campaigns, and creating my Youtube channel from scratch and eventually, even making partner!

In my book, that's alot to be thankful for. So this year, my resolution is to committ myself to all of my projects 100% and be proud of myself for what I've already accomplished. It can only go up from here.


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