Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cell Phone Gold

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Wanted to give you a little late Christmas gift...if you don't know KingHuman on Youtube, you need to Google him, pretty much right nowww....He's awesome, and he will make you money on and offline, trust me!

One thing he has turned his viewers on to is the cell phone game. By that I mean getting involved in the buying and reselling of broken, new, and old cell phones. Every brand, every style, anything!

I've dabbled in this, and it's definitely a money maker, you just have to have patience.

If you have any old phones laying around, especially iphones or blackberry's, from my experience, you could be close to getting a pretty decent payday. If you don't have any laying around, go get on Craigslist and try and find a phone for cheap enough to resell on eBay, trust me, they are out there.

Now on to the gift part, I gave you a small breakdown of this process. If you want the full deal, KingHuman is allowing people to download his ebook on this stuff for FREE!!! He also is giving you resell rights! That means its legal for you to sell or give away to anyone as long as you don't alter the text or graphics or claim to be the author, go get it!!

Here is the link:


It's the fourth one down titled Cell Phone Secrets

Check out the other ones on liquidation sales and wholesaling if you dare..



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