Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hey everyone, how's it going?

Today I wanted to address something that alot of people seem to have a problem with.

Creating a blog.

It's really not that difficult, but I know alot of you are lazy. Excuse my manners, but I know you are, because I was...I still am. Sometimes you will just surf the internet for HOURS on end and not really take action on anything.

Well, it's time to put an end to that. I know you're probably scared and fear failure, or loosing money. But I'm here to tell you right now, you don't have to do any of those.

Get a blog, I recommend blogspot for beginners, it's so easy to use, and easy to start posting ads once your ready. Just to give you an example, I could never figure out how to put ads on my blogs until I started here...

Think of a decent name, and boom. You have your blog. It can be about anything you want, and you've probably heard alot of people say it should be about your passion-because it should!

When you pick a topic to write about in your blog, it won't seem like "work" and you will be providing your followers with great content, very often.

Maybe you like to paint, ever thought about making a blog about it?
Or maybe you like mountain biking, gardening, fashion, home decor, sports etc...

I mean do you see where I'm getting at here? Alot of people get confused thinking that when they want to make money on a blog it has to BE about money making...but it doesn't! Pick your topic/passion. Start writing about it. Then when you're ready, and you've gathered some followers, start thinking about adding affiliate products or ads to your blog, but pertaining to your topic. For instance, let's say you wanted to make your blog about painting, start going to websites for paint supplies or google some, I'm sure you won't have any problem finding affiliate products to promote in your blog!

It works great this way, because you are talking about something you know and are knowledgeable about, and still making some cash on the side.

It's not difficult, I promise! And I'm willing to offer hands on help through skype for the first 3 people that contact me!

So what's your passion?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

eBay fails.

ebay fails.
Okay, so I wanted to do a post on eBay…which there will be more to come of in the future…

I have to date, over about a year and a half, sold 60 items, worked my way up to 100% feedback, and made just about 1,000 dollars. Not too shabby considering I do it in my free time, and for fun-it really is my hobby…

What I really want to talk about right now are ebay fails, and ebay successes. If anyone thinks they will be a pro at ebay right off the bat, unfortunately you’re probably wrong. I’ve sold enough things now to know what the drill is, and how it works, but I am definitely still learning.

I’ve sold many things that sold for way more then I thought, then I sold things for way less than HALF of what I even paid for it….so it just depends. My knowledge on products and selling grows day-to-day, and that’s kind of what you have to do for yourself.

ebay might look intimidating to people, but in actuality, it is very user friendly to use. You also have to be realistic, and if you’re expecting bidders to go over and beyond for you, you should as well, that means taking the extra time to:

•Take nice photos
•Answer all questions about the item up for auction in a timely manner
•Package nice and neat, and ship in a timely manner
It may sound like common sense, but alot of people sell it and are done, and sometimes forget people can still leave you negative feedback…

The main fact of the matter is this, just because you have (what you think) is an amazing product or piece of junk you want to sell on ebay does not mean you will cash out. It depends on so many different things. Do your research! :)

Go searching around ebay itself…see what’s selling, view its number of bids, how many bidders, the shipping costs, the companies feedback, other items, and google special ebay tools that help track demographics that you can use for your own personal ebay market research.

It’s really not that hard, and as with everything-it’s not completely free, there are insertion fees, gallery fees, and listing fees, but most of the time they don’t go over a couple of bucks, if not under $1 if you start your bids at a low price…however, alot of people forget these days, in order to make money, you have to spend some!

All you need is a paypal account, and you’re good to go…so get ebaying and email me about how you’re making tons of money :)

Above all don’t get discouraged, learn from your mistakes. And if something doesn’t sell right away, take a look at what could be changed and try it again. If you end up having too many problems, don’t worry too happens. You can always use craigslist as your backup, or put it in your next garage sale.

I hope this helps ;)

Until next time, fellow financial swaggers


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Okay so as promised, things are kind of back on track and I’m going to share with you an article and info about Clickbank and more affiliate marketing..

Many people don’t know that it’s possible to make a living online, or
at least a good extra income. Most think you have to have to go to
college and have a great job to make a lot of money these days. Well if
you think that way, I’m about to really surprise you, and show you
exactly how you can make a lot of money online starting now!
Don’t worry it’s not a scam, pyramid scheme, or any of that fluff. I
know, when I first heard about making money online that was the first
thing that came to my head too. But when I started collecting checks
my whole theory changed! So enough of all that, I’m
actually going to show you how to start making money online now!

What I want you to do first is go to ClickBank and sign up
(it’s free). What they do is manage a bunch of different products that
you can promote for a commission. All you need to do is send traffic
(people) to that product page, and if they buy, you make your
commission. The correct term for it is, becoming an affiliate.

Here’s a quick example to clear your up your confusion. Lets say one of the
products is selling for $100 and you get a 50% commission. Every time
you make a sale, you’ll obviously make $50. So if you get 10 people to
buy it, you’ll get a check for $500! See what I mean, it’s possible to
do and extremely easy!

Once you’ve signed up in ClickBank, the next important thing to know is
obviously picking a good product to promote. Now this is where a bunch
of affiliates fail to be successful online. But right now I’m going to
tell you a quick tip that helped me become extremely successful, very
quickly. Under each product in the “Marketplace” of ClickBank, there’s
something called “grav”, what it means is Gravity. What that tells you
is if the product is selling well. You always want to pick a product
that is over 50 gravity. If the product isn’t over that, don’t go for
it! Once you know that, you’ll be able to successfully sell products on
ClickBank. The reason you want the Gravity to be high is because that
tells you that other affiliates are successfully selling it. Let me
tell you a quick secret that most people don’t know about Gravity. The
number of Gravity actually means how many affiliates that product has!
For example, if the gravity is 75, that means 75 different affiliates
are selling the product at that time… Easy enough right?

So now that you have that down, go make some money online! It’s
seriously not as hard as most people think, especially when you have
the right people teaching you. That’s how I became successful online,
just happened to be around the right teachers at the right time! If you
want to find out more about how you can become successful online
through affiliate marketing, and also find out WHERE to promote, check
out my free 7-day Bootcamp! I actually explain to you in detail how I
did it, and how you can “actually” use the exact steps I did. It’s
worth it, and it’s free, how could you say no! Check it out here:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Affiliate Gangsta

Hey everyone, definitely overdue for a post..

So I just wanted to do a follow up on Affiliate marketing. As stated before an Affiliate is someone who promotes someone else’s product for a comission. It’s free for you, all you have to do is promote.

There are several ways you can start selling affiliate products TODAY. There are countless programs out there, Google Adwords, Clickbank, Neobux, just to name a few, also, you can always go to a website, and scroll down to the very bottom where it says affiliates, and click on it. It will then take you to the page where it describes how their specific affiliate program works. Literally everything that cost money on the internet is going to have an affiliate program…Just in case you are confused, let me give you an example…

Go to scroll to the very bottom under “Sell” and the last word is affiliates. Click on it, once you get to the page, look around and read the info.

Easy right?

Nearly every corporation has opportunities like this-especially a company that is web based like eBay.

When you sign up for a free affiliate account (let’s just stay with ebay) you will get access to all their products for sale, and be able to pick from specific categories on what you want to sell.

You will be promoting for an eBay PARTNER. A partner is an invidivual/business that spends a specific amount of money on eBay advertising, so that they can get affiliates (like you) to promote their product for hopefully a higher sell price.

Say a eBay partner is selling a textbook on eBay. You sign up to be a affiliate, you get a link to their product so you can promote it. You copy the link of the textbook sell page, put it in your website/blog, facebook, myspace, twitter, online article, etc. Every click that you get on your affiliate link will generate you money. The money you get per click is anywhere from 1 cent to a dollar, and everything in between.

You get paid through paypal (which is free) and every company has different rules or regulations, you just have to research.

Now, this doesn’t seem like alot, but trust me, it will ad up. Like I said before, the internet is VIRAL. You can just spend some time, copy and pasting to websites, or forums, or whatever method you choose, and boom, you’re going to get clicks.

Now-this BRIEFLY covered affiliate marketing, which is a very broad subject, more to come soon.

Next time, we will talk about more affiliate marketing with CLICKBANK. You’re gonna love it :)

See ya soon!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First things first

First things first
Hey everyone, let me just say, I’ve already been getting emails and more views to my youtube, thanks! Keep them coming for sure, I love networking and talking with new people letting them know what I know. Now time for today’s lesson..

As stated before, in this blog we will be talking about making extra money online, and maybe even generating a nice passive income large enough so you don’t have to work a “normal” 9 to 5.

Most of the time in my experience, I have gotten severely off-track and very discouraged when viewing other blogs or videos simply for the fact that what was being discussed could be the very basic 101’s of internet marketing, but I couldn’t understand the vocabulary…how was I supposed to know what SEO, or PPC meant? I didn’t, and eventually did enough researching to find out myself…So before we dig any deeper into all that good stuff, I thought I might teach you guys some vocab, incase you’re a newbie like I was :)

SEO- stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, simply put this means that you try to improve the quality of volume or traffic a website gets. You are basically trying to improve your chances of coming up on the first page of results whenever a search is done for keywords that match to your website. Make sense?

Now, if you don’t know what traffic means…

Traffic is just the amount of people viewing your website. Easy enough right?

PPC-stands for Pay Per Click. You know those ads you see on the side of the page when you do a search result? That is an ad someone has made, and paid for, usually no more than $5.00 so that when you see it and are drawn to it and they click it, that person pays when you click.

Why do they pay? Because you just gave them a lead. A lead is someone who is already looking for that specific product so they click on the link because they are interested, that doesn’t mean they will necessarily buy it, but it means that the chances are greater that they will. When that happens, the person that made the ad pays for that click.

Why would they pay just for clicks?

Well, they pay because that ad they made probably is an affiliate link to a product they are trying to sell.

An affiliate link is a link to a product for sale on the internet that if you click on, and go to the page, and actually end up buying it, the person who created the ad with their affiliate link gets a comission, and the person who actually made the product gets paid.

Now, bear with me I know this is alot to take in. Just do a search in google, or yahoo, whatever search engine you want. Then look to the side, and up top, usually the ads are yellow that have been paid for…see how many their are? Everyone of those are people just like me and you that are making ads to make money online.

The internet is VIRAL, it will only get harder and harder to establish yourself online as time goes on, things are booming, and people are starting to catch on-this is why it’s so important to establish yourself now!

Well, I think that’s a good stopping point for this post..I don’t want it to be TOO lengthy, because this stuff can be very overwhelming and discouraging, especially if you’re just getting started!

I hope this helps, and as always, hit me up anytime!