Thursday, September 8, 2011

Affiliate Gangsta

Hey everyone, definitely overdue for a post..

So I just wanted to do a follow up on Affiliate marketing. As stated before an Affiliate is someone who promotes someone else’s product for a comission. It’s free for you, all you have to do is promote.

There are several ways you can start selling affiliate products TODAY. There are countless programs out there, Google Adwords, Clickbank, Neobux, just to name a few, also, you can always go to a website, and scroll down to the very bottom where it says affiliates, and click on it. It will then take you to the page where it describes how their specific affiliate program works. Literally everything that cost money on the internet is going to have an affiliate program…Just in case you are confused, let me give you an example…

Go to scroll to the very bottom under “Sell” and the last word is affiliates. Click on it, once you get to the page, look around and read the info.

Easy right?

Nearly every corporation has opportunities like this-especially a company that is web based like eBay.

When you sign up for a free affiliate account (let’s just stay with ebay) you will get access to all their products for sale, and be able to pick from specific categories on what you want to sell.

You will be promoting for an eBay PARTNER. A partner is an invidivual/business that spends a specific amount of money on eBay advertising, so that they can get affiliates (like you) to promote their product for hopefully a higher sell price.

Say a eBay partner is selling a textbook on eBay. You sign up to be a affiliate, you get a link to their product so you can promote it. You copy the link of the textbook sell page, put it in your website/blog, facebook, myspace, twitter, online article, etc. Every click that you get on your affiliate link will generate you money. The money you get per click is anywhere from 1 cent to a dollar, and everything in between.

You get paid through paypal (which is free) and every company has different rules or regulations, you just have to research.

Now, this doesn’t seem like alot, but trust me, it will ad up. Like I said before, the internet is VIRAL. You can just spend some time, copy and pasting to websites, or forums, or whatever method you choose, and boom, you’re going to get clicks.

Now-this BRIEFLY covered affiliate marketing, which is a very broad subject, more to come soon.

Next time, we will talk about more affiliate marketing with CLICKBANK. You’re gonna love it :)

See ya soon!


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